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GV guitars Interview with www.gitarvilagok.com

GV guitars. Unconventional world of guitars? Yes, but I would say interesting and extraordinary. If I play a GV guitar I feel I can no longer toe the line… and it’s damned good! You only had to look at those instruments and they tell you something… and perhaps nothing is more important for a guitarist.

  • Get, Vamp and Iván! Thank you for accepting my invitation.

V: Thank you for the honor!


/Get making Carbon fiber top/

  • Congratulation for your accomplishment. Well, what are GV guitars about, what story they tell?

V: Thank you! What are they about? Good question. Maybe they are about that we need to dare to step out the conventional framework. We should not certainly get bogged down where we were 30 years ago. And in some ways, they are about freedom, to let us try to get a different mindset. Don’t follow always the beaten old path.

G: The GV guitars are among others about the respect of the instruments. We have a mystical affection to the guitars and we want to fill the gaps that we found in many of them. Attention to the details and some innovation to let the musicians not only to use, but rather really feel their instruments.

I:  Our guitars are made for those who take playing music seriously. They have already learned that mass produced guitars could be good but those instruments would always leave the unpleasant feeling ofincompleteness, no matter how much they spent on modifications.  We aim to be flexible and tailored.  A GV guitar inspire guitar players to bring out the best in themselves.


/Ivan working/

  •    I have thought – with healthyself-confidence or maybe I was high and mighty – that nothing can surprise me about guitars. I was wrong. Let’s talk about your inspirations!

V: Actually, anything could be inspiring. Sometimes it’s enough to spot a pattern on the wall or a take a look on a traditional guitar that we can imagine in more sophisticated version. But as we always said, the two most inspiring things are retro and modern. We are keen on combining them whenever it’s possible and whenever we can.

I: We are members of many online guitar making groups watching the trends and mixing them with our experiences and impressions.  My day job is graphic design and I’m interested in everything visually creative that can give me some ideas.

G: The question of inspiration is a bit intangible for me. I’m mostly inspired by the challenge itself. In custom orders to make the instrument as close as possible to the customer’s dream, to have the best fit in his hands. Building our own models on the other hand gives me the freedom of “no limits” and the self-expression. It’s enough to think about these things to be inspired.

  • Get and Vamp! I know – and I didn’t mean to be disrespectful – this should have been my first question.. so, well.. what we should know about you? 

V: It’s okay, our instruments are more important than us, I think. But we have to always tell our story… it’s time to put it onto our website, too. We had a car accident and the neck of my bass has broken, that was the beginning.

I: I’m the “I” that didn’t fit to the “GV” because I joined in 2016 and it makes no sense to change the “GV” name that earned already good reputation. We can say I spend my apprenticeship here while my design skills and experience is useful for new models, but hopefully I will do more and more woodworking as well.


/Vamp painting/

  • Nowadays no one can do something ignoring money. Business. How is the business in GV?

G: We would like to make our hobby to become our job, that’s why we’re working on to make it for a living.

V: It’s not so great business as many people may think. It’s rather our passion.

I: It will take many years of hard work and compromises to make it the main source of income. Till then, it’s mostly driven by enthusiasm.

  •    There’s a truth in saying that the instrument responds well in skilled hands.  Whether it’s good or  bad tradition, not every guitar fits to certain styles. One may imagine a certain target group of customers, I think.  What do you think about the guitars and musical styles?

G: It’s possible to build a guitar for a certain style but we need to get back to the tried and tested things (or something similar). If we experiment with something new it will reveal its true nature during use. We love experimenting.

V: There’s a saying that if something stupid works, then it’s not stupid. I think it’s the same with guitars fit to styles. If the musician can use an instrument in his/her particular style, that’s fine. If not, he/she should have an another one. I don’t really care about who plays what. The only issue is that we don’t like to be labeled as “metal/rock” guitar builders. We also have some guitars with delicate soul.

I: Our goal is to be very versatile. Personally we like many different musical genres and we also like to make guitars for various styles. Though every single guitar has her distinctive character that would fit to certain styles better.


  •    At last the must-have question: your plans!

V: Of course, we have plans. Today just Budapest, tomorrow the world! More seriously, we discussed our future after thesuccess of the Budapest Music Expo this year. We agreed that we need to expand our business to abroad, first mostly in Europe. We have some concepts of future models and we work hard on them.

I: We are continually improving our technology and experimenting with new things. But the first and most important is to get the GV name more acknowledged and well known and let the musicians know what GV guitars means.

G:  Yet more challenges.

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