About us

Some people believe in fate, others don't.
We have no doubt that building guitars is our mission driven by fate.

The story of GV Guitars began with a car accident. It felt like a disaster first, now we know it was a watershed with positive outcome/consequences. We started to repair, modify and reinforce our damaged instruments – and we soon realized that using our experience and ideas we can design and make better guitars and basses.

While we fully respect and implement the traditional luthier methods, exploring new and innovative solutions is essential for us.

Our team has two members, each with distinct qualifications and professional backgrounds that allows us to integrate three different approaches in creating our instruments: mathematics, material science.
We follow our own course, out of the mainstream. Preserving traditions and keeping pace with the changes of time and music always go hand in hand for us. New times call for new answers, and we love challenges!

We create our instruments with distinctive style and modern design granting ultimate comfort and functionality.

All of our guitars and basses are one of a kind pieces. Either we build our own designs or custom models tailored to musicians’ needs, we bust the myths and boost the quality.