Everyone should have a dream guitar. A personalized instrument can give you an unique look. On the other hand it can inspire you and make you give the maximum. It won’t hold you down, let you play freely, because it’s all made up on you your request. (Wood, hardware, electronics, finish etc.) The sound is in your hand, as your own personalized guitar should be. So you are in the right place. Search for the contact form on the bottom of our site. Don’t hesitate to write us. We can help you by making a guitar which set you free.

Chaozz Funk is the first 5 string Fang bass, with everything you could imagine. Humbucker in mid position with serial/paralell switch, 2 band ZolkoW preamp, and a passive tone for total tone control.  Deep neck pocket, with bolt-on system with 6 screws Psychedelic finish, and 3 illuminated RGB lights.
This bass is currently used in bands Fragda and MothProject by Márton Ferenczi.

Fang 4string model starting price: 2600€


  • Body tone blockAsh (EU)
  • Body wingsAlder (EU)
  • BridgeSchaller 3D-5 black
  • NeckMaple
  • Head stockMatched
  • FingerboardPau ferro
  • Tuning machinesSchaller BM light black
  • Scale length34.50 inch / 877.00 mm
  • Number of frets24
  • Width and nut42 mm
  • Depth at 1st fret19.5 mm
  • Depth at 12th fret21 mm
  • PickupSBS custom

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