Syrius – SunRyze

Everyone should have a dream guitar, as a personalized instrument can give you a unique look, it can inspire you and let you play at your fullest . It won’t hold you down, but let you play freely instead, due to the fact it’s all made on your request. (Wood, hardware, electronics, finish etc.) The sound is in your hand, as your own personalized guitar should be.. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you by making a guitar which sets you free…

SynthWave is living it’s renaissance… we should do a guitar themed like this! – is a thing what we and our customer never said. The plan was to create a nice headless baritone guitar which is left-handed.  Everything was on track… Just like other Syrius models we planned it out well. For the baritone scale we have chosen the 27″ scale.  For the best headless performance we added the T4M tremolo. For the punchy sound we decided to go with Kent Armstrong‘s special custom humbucker with a side by side single coil called “standard”.  Then we had to decide for colour, but nor as and neither or customer was not wanted a boring solid colour.  So we gone with a nice chromacoat color which changes from purple to orange-gold-ish (almost impossible to catch this on camera sorry). And this was the point, when the SynthWave theme started to arise.  We almost immediately find out that the backplate will need the grid ground with the polygonal mountains and the rising SynthWave sun…. and this, ladies and gentleman, is how SunRyze was born.

Syrius 6 string model starting price: 2900


  • BodyUS Alder
  • BridgeT4M headless tremolo
  • Neck5 ply Maple & Wenge
  • Head stockT4M headpiece
  • FingerboardEbony
  • Scale length27" / 689 mm
  • Number of frets24
  • Width and nut42.5 mm
  • Depth at 1st fret19 mm
  • Depth at 12th fret21.5 mm
  • PickupKent armstrong custom
  • Weight3,2 kg

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